Osho PRAYER Meditation

I also suggest to pray, but praying should be just an energy phenomenon; not a devotee and God phenomenon, but an energy    phenomenon. Simply become silent, simply open yourself. Raise both your hands towards the sky, palms uppermost, head up, just feeling existence flowing in you.

As the energy, or prana, flows down your arms, you will feel a gentle tremor. Be like a leaf in a breeze, trembling. Allow it, help it. Then let your whole body vibrate with energy, and just let whatever happens happen. You feel again a flowing with the earth. Earth and heaven, above and below, yin and yang, male and female - you float, you mix, you drop yourself completely. You are not. You become one...merge. After two to three minutes, or whenever you feel completely filled, lean down to the earth and kiss the earth. You simply become a vehicle to allow the divine energy to unite with that of the earth.


These two stages should be repeated six more times so that each of the chakras can become unblocked. More times can be done, but if you do less you will feel restless and unable to sleep. It is best to do this prayer at night, in a darkened room, going to sleep immediately afterwards; or it can be done in the morning, but it must be followed by fifteen minutes' rest.


This rest is necessary, otherwise you will feel as if you are drunk, in a stupor. This merging with energy is prayer. It changes you. And when you change, the whole existence changes - because with your attitude the whole existence changes for you. Not that the existence is changing - the existence remains the same - but now you are flowing with it, there is no antagonism. There is no fight, no struggle - you are surrendered to it.