Osho MAHAMUDRA Meditation

The universety is there, and you are there, - the wave pulsating with the ocean. 

Eyes are closed throughout the meditation.

First stage: 30 minutes

With closed eyes, stand up and let your body be loose and receptive - wait and cooperate. Suddenly you feel an urge: If your body is relaxed, the subtle energies will begin to move the body outside of your control. This is Latihan.

Second stage: 20 minutes

Kneeling, raise both hands towards the sky, palms upward, head up -just feeling existence flowing into you.As the energy flows through your arms you will feel a gentle tremor like a leaf in the breeze. Allow it.

After two to three minutes, when you feel completely filled, bend forward and rest your forehead on the ground, becoming a vehicle for the divine energy to unite with that of the earth. Repeat this whole process at least six more times.

Third stage: 15 minutes

Lie down, silent and still.