Quieten your mind. Reflect. Watch.
Gautam Buddha. The Dhammapada.

Contemplate over these sutras. Try to experience them ... because Buddha is not an ordinary religious person. He is not interested in miracles. He is not interested in anything occult, esoteric. He is interested in transforming you. He is very down to earth.
Moses and Jesus were playing a round of golf at the Celestial Country Club. First, Jesus teed up and made a hole in one. Then Moses also drove a hole in one.
″Well, Мое, we are even so far,″ said Jesus.
″Now look here, Jake,″ Moses protested. ″We made our point. Now what do you say we cut out the miracles and play a little golf?″


Buddha never did any miracles - that is the greatest
miracle. He is not interested in mystifying you. His whole effort is to give you the key so you can open the doors of all the mysteries. He is very existential, nonphilosophical, nonintellectual in his approach. He is not heady - but very practical, pragmatic. His whole approach is experimental, experiential. So you will not be able to understand him if you only go on reading.
Try to experiment with what he is saying. Try to quieten your mind, reflect, watch, and see yourself what happens: freedom, bliss, truth, wisdom, innocence, purity ... thousands of flowers start blooming in you. The spring suddenly bursts forth.
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