Everything arises and passes away. When you see this, you are above sorrow. This is the shining way.
Gautam Buddha. The Dhammapada.

The way of Gautama the Buddha is the way of intelligence, understanding, awareness, meditation. It is not the way of belief, it is the way of seeing the truth itself. Belief simply covers up your ignorance; it does not deliver you from ignorance. Belief is a deception you play upon yourself; it is not transformation.
And the people who think themselves religious are only believers, not religious. They have no clarity, no understanding, no insight into the nature of things. They don′t know what they are doing, they don′t know what they are thinking. They are simply repeating conventions, traditions, dead words spoken long, long ago. They cannot be certain whether those words are true or not. Nobody can be certain unless one realizes oneself.
There is only one certainty in existence and that is your own realization, your own seeing. Unless that happens, don′t be contented; remain discontented. Discontentment is divine; contentment through beliefs is stupid. It is through divine discontent that one grows - but it is an arduous path. The path of belief is simple, convenient, comfortable. You need not do anything. You have only to say yes to the authorities: the authorities of the church, of the state. You have simply to be a slave to people who are in power.
But to follow the path of Buddha one has to be a rebel. Rebellion is its essential taste; it is only for the rebellious spirit. But only rebellious people have spirits, only they have souls. Others are hollow, empty.
These sutras of today are of immense beauty, truth. Meditate over them:
Everything arises and passes away.
When you see this, you are above sorrow.
This is the shining way.
It is a very strange world. Everything is momentary, yet every momentary thing gives you the illusion of being permanent. Everything is just a soap bubble, shining beautifully in the sunrays, maybe surrounded by a rainbow, a beautiful aura of light - but a soap bubble is a soap bubble! Any moment and it will be gone and gone forever. But for the moment it can deceive you.
And the strangest thing is that thousands of times you have been deceived, yet you don′t become aware. Again another soap bubble and you will believe. Your unintelligence seems to be unlimited! How many times do you need to be hammered? How many times do your dreams have to be crushed and shattered? How many times has life to prove that clinging is nonsense? Stop clinging and then you go beyond sorrow. It is clinging that is the root cause of sorrow.
Buddha says: Everything arises and passes away. When you see this ... He is not saying, ″Believe this.″ He is not saying, ″I have become the enlightened one, so whatsoever I say you have to believe in it.″ He is not saying, ″Because scriptures are in my favor you have to believe me.″ He is not saying, ″Because I can prove it logically you have to believe in me.″
See the beauty of the man. He says: When you see this, you are above sorrow. In that very moment when you have seen this - that everything is momentary and everything is a flux and everything is bound to change ... Do whatsoever you want to do, but nothing is going to become permanent in this life. When you have seen this with your own eyes, and you have understood it through your own intelligence, suddenly you are beyond sorrow.


What happens? A great revolution happens in that seeing; that very seeing is the revolution. Then you don′t cling. The moment you see that this is a soap bubble you don′t cling to it. In fact, clinging to it will force it to burst sooner; if you don′t cling to it, it may remain there dancing in the wind for a while. The nonclinger can enjoy life; the clinger cannot enjoy life.
If you see, you can enjoy; then it is just a game. Then everything is totally different; then it is a big drama. Then the whole earth becomes just a stage and everybody is acting his part.
Look around. Everything is changing. It is like a river moving and moving - and you want to catch hold of it? It is mercury! If you try to catch hold of it you will lose sooner than before. Don′t try to catch hold of it. Watch joyfully, silently. Witness the game, the dream ... and you are above sorrow.
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