All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life.
Gautam Buddha. The Dhammapada.

Violence is something against nature. The aware person cannot be violent - not that he practices nonviolence, remember. If you practice nonviolence you will become a Gandhian, a phony. The Gandhian is not an aware person. He practices nonviolence, he tries to become nonviolent. He has no understanding. He creates a character, but deep down he has no consciousness that can function as a center of that character.
The mystic first creates the consciousness; then the character follows of its own accord. The moralist creates the character, but consciousness does not follow the character. Character is a very superficial thing.
All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life. There is no need to prove these things. These are simple observations, evident to everybody. But a few conclusions can be drawn from them. If all beings tremble before violence, then there is something wrong in violence, basically wrong. It is against nature.
Destructiveness is not natural - to be creative is natural. Not violence but compassion is natural, not violence but love. Not anger, not hate, because those are the things that lead to violence, those are the seeds. Love, compassion, sharing, these are natural. And to be natural is to be religious.


All fear death; hence, do not kill. Rather, help people to know death. Their fear is because of ignorance. They are afraid of death because death is the greatest unknown. There is no way to know death unless you die. Help people to know death through meditation, because that is a way of dying and still remaining alive.
All love life; hence, love. Create contexts, spaces, where more love can grow. Create a space where your love energies can flow, where they have no hindrance, no obstructions.
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