Music from the World Of Osho

у music has always been of primary importance in the world of meditation, relaxation and introspection. And not by chance. Unlike other artistic expressions, music addresses itself directly to that more instinctive and intimate part of ourselves which does not need the logical mind to function and respond.

Music has been used by Osho to support the inner journey, nourishing its aspects of silence and celebration. The celebrative qualities of music are obvious to everyone. What is perhaps less obvious is its capacity to create silence, to awaken spirituality, to tickle the subtle energies that point toward the mystery of our existence.

The music on this CD is a musical interpretation of this mystery.


LIVE from Osho Auditorium

Albom: LIVE from Osho Auditorium

FIVE fingers

Albom: FIVE fingers

Laughing DRUMS

Albom: Laughing DRUMS

This! Commentaries Of The Bamboo

Albom: This! Commentaries Of The Bamboo


Albom: Intuition

Ten Thousand BUDDHAS

Albom: Ten Thousand BUDDHAS

Artist: Milarepa, Rupesh, Joshua, Devakant & Miten

Hollow Bamboo

Albom: Hollow Bamboo 

Buddhas Enjoying Freedom

Albom: Buddhas Enjoying Freedom 

Yes (to the river)

Albom: Yes (to the river) 

Garden of The BELOVED

Albom:  Garden of The BELOVED

Artist: Milarepa, Rupesh, Joshua, Kamal & Amareesh


Albom: Rose Water MOON

Artist: Sambodhi Prem

SHADOW of the Pines

Albom: SHADOW of the Pines


Albom: ZEN Tarot



Artist:  Sw. Abodha, Sw. Bharti & friends




Дойтер (Deuter)


Deuter continues to learn and master an ever-expanding array of instruments, including the drums, the shakuhachi flute, the koto, sitar, Tibetan singing bowls, santoor, bouzouki, piano and keyboard. He has recorded and released over 60 albums and claims to have sold more than he can count during the course of his career.



Karunesh released his first album 'Sounds of the Heart' in 1984, which quickly became a classic in the New Age genre.


Renowned musician and producer Kamal is a thoroughly established New Age artist with a distinct style and sound who has more than a quarter of a million CD sales to his credit.
Прем Джошуа

Prem Joshua 

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Prem Joshua is a pioneer in the field of World Music, exploring and creating a new synthesis in sound which takes us beyond the borders of both East and West.
Дева Премал и Митен

Deva Premal & Miten 

I wake every morning feeling like I’m living in a miracle – where spirituality, creativity, work, and love have all come to mean the same thing.  My life has been shaped by mantras; I have become their servant


Milarepa Falling in love with this remarkable man was to fall in love with my inner lover.


Shastro has proven himself as one of the more versatile performers in the realm of world fusion music - an artist who never fails to surprise and enchant with every sound-escape he creates.

Маниш Вьяс

Manish Vyas

Manish Vyas is a unique phenomenon in the world of fusion music. A talented multi-instrumentalist and singer, over the last few years he has emerged as both an extraordinary performing and recording artist.